Personal Banking Fees

Consumer Fees and Charges

Effective June 1, 2016 

Replaces Consumer Fees and Charges dated May 20, 2016

(See Business Fees)

Electronic Services

Online Banking

Description Amount
eStatements Fee free
Online bill payment Fee free
Paper copy of bill payment $5
Bill Pay Insufficient/unavailable funds6 $27
Popmoney® (standard delivery) Fee free
Overnight check $17.95

 Debit Card / Visa® Check Card

Description Amount
Insufficient/unavailable funds1, 6 $27
Uses that do not require a PIN Fee free
PIN-based ATM uses (withdrawals, transfers, inquiries)  

at North Island and CO-OP Network ATMs

Fee free

at other ATMs (plus ATM-owner surcharges6)

VISA Foreign ATM transaction (% of transaction amount) 1%
Deposit errors/returned items (at CO-OP Network ATMs) Varies
Lost card replacement6 $5
Automated Telephone Banking Fee free

Savings & Checking Accounts

Share Student Savings & Money Market Accounts

Description Amount
Share Savings (waived with minimum2) $5/mo.
Student Savings Fee free
Investor Money Market (waived with minimum3) $5/mo.
Premium Money Market (waived with mimimum4) $10/mo.
Reg. D excess activity (7+ non-branch withdrawls/mo.) $10
Overdraft protection (transfer to checking) $5

Checking accounts

Description Amount
eChecking, Student Checking (Includes initial order of North Island checks at account opening) Fee free 
Personal Checking (waived with eStatements5) $2/mo.
Temporary checks (inital set of 9 at account opening) Fee free

Per sheet of 3

Insufficient/unavailable funds1, 6 $27
Check printing At cost

Health SAvings Accounts (HSAs)

Description Amount
First year account is open Fee free
If avg. daily balance falls beloq $2,500 $1/mo.
Check printing At cost

Individual Retirement Accounts (iras)

Description Amount
Early/non-qualified distribution $10
Service Charge (waived for yr-end balanes of $50+) $10/yr
Transfer from North Island Credit Union $20

General Services

Checks and Transfers

Description Amount
Cashier's check to 3rd party $5/ea.
Collection item (incoming or outgoing) Cost + $10

First 2 check copies

Fee free

Checks (3 or more)


Statement or transaction voucher

Stop payment (paper or electronic):  

ACH/Electronic Item


Single Check


2 or more consecutive checks

Wire transfer:  



Outgoing ($50 minimum)




Miscellaneous Services

Description Amount
Legal document processing $50
Lifetime North Island CU membership (one-time fee) $5
Loan audit/research $40
Loan modification (existing North Island CU loans) $40
Loan skip payment (member requested) $40
Medallion stamp (per signature) $15
Monthly activity printout:  

First page

Fee free

Second and subsequent pages

Payment/deposit by phone $15
Research (all requests) $20/hr.
Returned item (paper deposit) $20
Returned statement (invalid address6) $5
Vehicle title change $50 + DMV fee
Verification of Deposit $10

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