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Commercial RE Loan Rates


Rate Index Start Rate Floor Margin Life Max
3/1 Yr ARM
3.875% 3.875% 2.750% 6.875%
5/1 Yr ARM
4.125% 4.125% 2.750% 7.125%
7/1 Yr ARM
4.500% 4.500% 2.750% 7.500%
12 Year (3+3+3+3) 3.875% 3.875% 2.750% 6.875%
Terms & Conditions
The quotes above assume a one point loan fee and a 3%-3%-2%-2%-1% prepayment penalty. We can also provide customized quotes with terms that align with your pricing priorities. For example we could waive the prepayment penalty altogether for a slightly larger increase. We can also negotiate a higher or lower loan fee with corresponding adjustments in the interest rate. Please note that the prepayment penalty cannot be waived on loans with par pricing (0 points) and that an application fee will also apply on par priced loans. The rates above are based on loans over $1,000,000. For smaller loans, a higher rate may apply. Call to inquire. Special pricing may be available for SBA 504 Loans for members that maintain their primary business deposit relationships with North Island. The start rate would be 0.25% lower than the rates listed above. Generally loans balloon in ten years, except the 3+3+3+3 product that balloons in twelve years, and are amortized over 25 years (exceptions may apply for newer, or recently renovated properties) with up to 30 year amortizations for apartments.
*The maximum LTV for Purchases and Rate & Term Refinances is 75% (90% on SBA). For Cash Out Refinances, the percentage is reduced to 70%. Other adjustments to the LTV may be made based on the type and condition of the property.
Call Business Services at (800) 293-6494 to discuss the details of your loan request and our various Pricing Options. The above quoted rates assume solid underwriting factors including adequate loan to value, strong cash flow, acceptable credit scores, and secondary repayment sources. 
In addition to the loan fee, the following fees may apply (does not include additional fees charged through third parties, including, but not limited to, escrow or title): 
Non-refundable Application Fee (Minimum)  $5,000
Credit Report  $75 per report 
Environmental Report A Phase I and/or Phase II, and/or Environmental Insurance or EDR Loan Check Plus report may be required based on the circumstances of the property
Tax Contract $85 up to $500K (add $10 per $100M thereafter) 
Flood Certification  $50 per building 
Loan Documents $1,500 ($500 redraw) 
Subordination Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement  $20 per agreement
Wire Fee $15 per wire
Programs (including but not limited to fees, rates, and features) are subject to change without notice.