Overdraft Protection

Creating An Overdraft Protection Plan

North Island provides Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay to help you prevent overdraft and unavailable funds/insufficient fees on your personal checking account.

We all make mistakes. An overdraft protection plan can provide you with peace of mind knowing your transactions will be covered. An overdraft protection plan helps you avoid costly overdraft fees when you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account for a check, electronic debit, ATM, or debit card transaction you authorized.

North Island offers you two protection options:

  • Courtesy Pay
  • Overdraft Protection Accounts

Courtesy Pay

With Courtesy Pay, North Island Credit Union may cover your paper checks, bill payments, pre-authorized electronic transactions (ACH), and recurring debit card transactions, even if there is not enough available funds in your qualified checking account.

Additionally, ATM and one-time/everyday debit card transactions may be covered if you opt-in to allow us to pay these transactions when you do not have sufficient available funds in your checking account. You may opt-in online, call (800) 848-5654, or visit any North Island Credit Union branch to complete the opt-in form.

There is no fee to have Courtesy Pay protection, but there is a $27 fee each time an overdraft occurs and we pay it, taking your account negative.

Learn more about Courtesy Pay.

Overdraft Protection Accounts

Share Savings, Money Market, and Line of Credit

You may also link your checking account to a savings account, a money market account, or a line of credit to automatically transfer funds and avoid overdraft fees. Enroll in Overdraft Protection by calling (800) 848-5654, or by bringing this printer-friendly form to any North Island Credit Union branch. It only takes a moment, and will remain in effect until you inform us otherwise.

Linking your accounts is free, although there is a $5 fee charged to your savings, money market account, or line of credit for each overdraft transfer.

See complete list of fees and charges.

North Island Also Provides Other Resources To Help You Manage Your Checking Account:

Balance Alerts

Stay informed with free, timely account alerts sent directly to your email or mobile device:

  • Balance alerts are free with your Digital Banking access
  • You choose the amount and we will send you a message that your account balance is getting low
  • Be notified of check clearings, paycheck deposits, and other account activity with transaction alerts
  • You are in control – add new alerts, turn off existing alerts, or change your contact preferences at any time
  • Sign in to Digital Banking to enroll or change your alerts

Online Account Transfer1

Easily move funds from one account to another with your Digital Banking account. Access your North Island accounts from ANY web browser, ANY time of day.

  • Digital Banking is a free service available at North Island Credit Union
  • Make an immediate funds transfer from one of your other accounts to your checking account

Important information including legal disclosures. See the complete list of fees and charges.

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