Secure Logistics

Secure Logistics

Courier & Armored Car

Save a trip to the branch and ensure that cash and checks are transported quickly and securely.

  • We work with industry leading vendors offering a variety of pickups and deposit limits to meet your unique needs
  • Business members with Analyzed Business Checking Accounts may use earnings credits to offset charges
  • Prices may vary depending on the location(s) of your business and deposit frequencies


Reduce mail, processing, and deposit delays while improving cash flow.

  • Cut hours or even days out of your collections process by streamlining your accounts receivable function
  • Get your funds faster while improving staff productivity
  • Reduce the risk of fraud, theft, and error by automating manual processes and reducing the number of employee touch points
  • Manage multiple receivables through one centralized source

How Lockbox Works

  • Your receivables are mailed directly to a North Island Credit Union P.O. box and picked up daily
  • North Island Credit Union processes and deposits the receipts to your accounts same-day, giving you faster access to available cash
  • You can also choose to view deposits online through Digital Banking for Business

Lockbox services are subject to geographic availability.

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