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Digital Banking Resources

North Island Credit Union's Digital Banking offers you enhanced flexibility, reliability, security and control over your banking. This includes:

  • An integrated experience where you can access multiple banking solutions on the very first page.
  • Enhanced features that make it easy for you to check your balances, transfer funds, pay bills, track your spending, and more.
  • Mobile apps for iPhone®, Android™, and tablet devices that provide you with on-the-go access to your funds at anytime from anywhere.

View the Interactive Digital Banking Demo

Bill Pay

Your Bill Pay history will transfer the last six payments for each of your payees. This history will be available for viewing after May 27 as the data conversion process is completed. However:

  • All previously scheduled payments, created before 5/16/14, will be processed
  • Payments previously scheduled to pay between May 16 and May 22 cannot be seen on the new bill pay system but were processed as scheduled
  • You may schedule new payments immediately

Popmoney (“pay anyone”) is now located under “Move Money” > “Popmoney.”

You’ll need to re-activate the eBill options for your Bill Pay companies. Beside the vendor name, you’ll see the option to “Get eBill." Click that option, verify your account, and start receiving your bills electronically.

Online Statements

You must be enrolled in eStatements to view your statements online. After you have signed on, hover your mouse over “Additional Services” and then select “Statements.” On that page, you’ll be asked to agree to the eSign disclosure, after which you may select the account and statement dates you’d like to view. You’ll receive an email that notifies you when your statement is available, then simply sign on and view your statements online. If you do not agree to the eSign disclosure, you will continue to receive paper statements and will not be able to view your statements online.

Frequently Asked Questions

My account is locked. Now what do I do?

Due to the secure nature of the website, an account can only be unlocked by a team member after validating your identity. Please call our Online Team at (800) 848-5654.

What if I'm told that I need to enable cookies or javascript?

Download our cookie/javascript resource guide for step-by-step directions.

Why do I need a text, email, or phone call to verify my identity?

To protect the privacy of your information, the advanced security technology within Digital Banking will ask for you to verify your identity before allowing you to sign on from a new PC or mobile device. This verification will be either a text, a telephone call or an email that you have specified. To update how you validate your identity, go to “My Settings” > “Update security options.”

How can I receive my statements electronically?

Once you’ve signed on to Digital Banking, hover your mouseover “Additional Services,” then select “Online Statements.” On that page, you’ll be asked to agree to the eSign disclosure, after which you may select the account and statement dates you’d like to view. You’ll receive an email that notifies you when your statement is available, then simply sign on and view your statements online. If you do not agree to the eSign disclosure, you will continue to receive paper statements and will not be able to view your statements online.

I am not an online user, how do I enroll?

You can register for Digital Banking by clicking on the "Enroll" link just below the sign on box.  You'll need to provide the account holder's basic personal information (including Social Security Number and birth date) to create the Digital Banking account.

Mobile Banking

Before downloading the mobile app, you must sign on to Digital Banking from a non-mobile device (PC). This is for security measures and must only be completed once. Additionally, you may only create new Bill Pay payees from a PC, although you may pay your bills from your mobile device.

Download our Mobile App from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by simply searching for "North Island Credit Union."

Supported Devices include:

  • Android OS 2.3.3
  • iPhone v.6 and up
  • iPad 2nd generation and up
  • Kindle Fire

Watch the video tours:   iPhone Mobile Tour         Android Mobile Tour

Blackberry and Windows 8 mobile devices can go mobile by visiting and selecting “Mobile Banking.”

Deposit Checks from your Smartphone

After downloading the North Island Mobile App, you're ready to access your accounts, transfer funds, and deposit checks right from the palm of your hand. Start depositing checks right away (accounts must be open for at least 90 days). This free feature is only contained within the mobile apps.
Learn all about Mobile Deposit – Smartphone Deposits.

SMS (Short Message Service) Text Banking

The convenience of a smartphone and the simplicity of a text combine to give you access to basic banking transactions without logging into your account.
Activate your Text banking by clicking on the upper-right link to “My Settings,” then choose “Alerts & Notifications.” Once your phone has been verified, you can set up alerts to notify you of deposits, withdrawals, or even just a weekly balance update. If you choose, you can even select two North Island Credit Union accounts between which you can transfer funds by simply texting: TRANS.
Text a short message to 454545 and you’ll receive a text back with an answer to your request:
     BAL:  Your primary account (that you designate)
     BAL ALL:  All account balances
     LAST:  The last 5 transactions on your primary account
     BAL CHK:  Account balance of your checking account
     BAL SAV:  Account balance of your savings account
     TRANS:  Transfer funds to your primary account (from account that you designated)
     HELP:  Help on keywords
NOTE:  Certain carriers and/or mobile accounts automatically block some SMS messages. If you find that this service is not working properly, please check the settings on your smartphone or call your carrier to ensure that SMS texting is activated on your phone.


FinanceWorks allows you to view your finaces as a whole...all in one spot. Categorize your spending, track your budget, and set your goals. By associating accounts from other financial institutions, you can get a glimpse of all your finances in one convenient spot. After identifying the external account that you wish to add, you'll be asked to provide your authentication credentials for that institution, this will verify your identity and should allow your financial data to be brought into your Digital Banking account for viewing purposes. Go to the Manage Money tab and select "Account Overview" to get started. Add accounts and get your complete financial picture.

Pending Transactions

You may see items in your transaction history showing as "Pending." These are items that have been submitted, but are not yet paid. They will be paid that night.

You can see what transactions will clear your account each night, so if you don’t have enough money in your account, you can simply make a deposit or transfer funds from another linked account. Not all transactions may show, and you should still regularly track your debits to best manage your account balances.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive text and email notifications when certain transactions or criteria are met in your accounts.
Click on the upper-right link to “My Settings,” then choose “Alerts & Notifications.”

You may choose to receive a notification for these events and more:

  • High/Low balance alerts
  • Occasional balance updates
  • Cleared check notification
  • Maturing CD reminder
  • Past due notification
  • Custom reminder that you set with your message on the date you choose

Once you’ve completed your selections, verify the telephone number or email where you want the notification to be sent, and click “submit.”

Mortgage & Credit Card Accounts

View your North Island mortgage and credit card accounts by going to the Additional Services tab and selecting Trusted Partners (clicking the name on the account summary page will not allow you to view and access your accounts).

"Where do I find...?"

Account balances:   My Accounts Tab

Cancelled check copies:  My Accounts Tab  >  Click Selected Account  >  Click Selected Check to view

Email or Address update:  My Settings Link  >  Update email options or Update contact information

Online statements:  Additional Services Tab  >  Online Statements

Bill payment:  Bill Pay Tab

Pay an individual:  Move Money Tab  >  Popmoney

Transfer money between North Island accounts:  Move Money Tab  >  Schedule a transfer

Transfer money to an external account: Move Money Tab  >  External transfers

Reordering checks:  Additional Services Tab  >  Reorder checks

Rename my accounts (or hide them):  My Settings Link  >  Rename & Hide your accounts

View my North Island Mortage Loan:  Additional Services Tab  >  Trusted partners

View my North Island Credit Card:  Additional Services Tab  >  Trusted partners